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We help leaders and teams collaborate better.
Between two different generations, perspectives or styles,
instead of a gap, we see a space for co-creation.

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Collaborative leadership needed in a complex & diverse world

Between two different generations, perspectives or styles, instead of a gap, we see a space for co-creation.


Leaders’ abilities to see or create such spaciousness is critical if they want to be more effective in working with others to create results in this complex and diverse world. They would be more able to resolve conflicts, get cooperation from others, or engage others in collaborative problem-solving and innovation.


Collaborating with others is getting more and more important as leaders don’t have all the necessary information or power to enforce change unilaterally to resolve a problematic situation or make process toward a common objective in this complex and diverse world.


It is not about bridging the gap. It is about making use of the collective intelligence and engagement of a diverse group.


Leaders need to create a safe space for team members to bring their differences and perceived contradictions to the surface, so that new insights and new knowledge can be uncovered for finding novel solutions to resolve problematic and complex situations where past experience & expertise are no longer reliable.


If leaders could engage one another in open, reflective and non-judgmental conversations, new understandings, new relationships, new intentions and new actions would be developed.


SPACEnotGAP helps leaders develop their collaborative leadership capabilities for enhanced individual, team and organisation effectiveness.


We offer both skill development training and team discussion facilitation.


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“In many contexts, people face increasing complexity and decreasing control. They need to work with more people from across more divides. This is true both within organizations and in larger social systems.”


Adam Kahane

Collaborating with the Enemy

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